Runners' Cohort
Runners' Cohort
A first of its kind guided spiritual experience for ultra runners.

‘How do you do it?’ There is really no explanation, it’s spiritual.

Scott Jurek



This is a complicated word; it conjures equal parts significance and disgust, depending on the experience of the one speaking or hearing. Yet for generations, runners have understood that their sport is profoundly more than just physicality. There is a spirituality to running.


Does this resonate with you?

If so, we would like to invite you to a cohort on the spirituality of running (You can sign up for he cohort below). Some of our guests are running in the Tommyknocker 12 hour race or Mine Shaft Half Marathon, but this experience is open to all runners and we will invite everyone to engage in spiritual practice on their next long run. The Tommyknocker 12 Hour Race and Mine Shaft Half Marathon are on Saturday May 12th, hosted by the Human Potential Running Series at the White Ranch Open Space in Golden, CO. (register for that race here)


Participants in this cohort will join in conversation over a free dinner the night before the race (Friday, May 11th), be invited to engage in guided spiritual practice during the race, and complete a post-race debriefing survey.  Those who complete all aspects of the cohort will be entered into a raffle for the chance to win 50% off a future HPRS race, gift certificates and free gear from HPRS sponsor companies, and more.


HPRS and CCC are excited to work together on offering an opportunity for runners to engage in refreshingly open dialogue about their spirituality as runners, share experiences with other runners, be challenged to engage spirituality in new ways, and reconvene after the race to debrief.  This entire facilitated experience is being funded by a research grant and is designed to learn more about the spiritual and religious beliefs of young adults.



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